Best 4K TV: How to Pick Perfectly

If you’re buying a new TV and aren’t picking a 4K TV, you’re most likely making a huge mistake. All the best TV models are currently 4K TVs; HD/1080p models are old news and 8K isn’t worth the money.

Deciding which 4K TV to buy is the real problem: there are tons of them. After reading our TV Buying tips and picking a TV size the real challenge begins.

These are the most important considerations when buying a 4K TV.

Size Matters

TV manufacturers will try to wow you with a million different tech specs and marketing gimmicks, but when the TV is inside your house, size is the most notable factor.

If you’re forced to choose between TV size and specific features, you’ll most likely want to err on the side of TV size. Having an OLED with amazing HDR is brilliant, but if it’s on a TV that’s too small for the room, you’ll still be disappointed.

Where are you putting it?

The most overlooked consideration when TV shopping is where you’re placing the TV.

Will it sit in direct sunlight? Do you have seats that are both near and far? How about seats off to the side? Is it in a bedroom? Choosing the right TV isn’t purely a product decision: it’s about matching the purpose of the room with the right product, at the right size, for the right price.

Bright Rooms vs. Dark Rooms

Just as it’s difficult to see your phone in bright, direct sunlight, televisions face the same challenge.

The best TV for a dark room is an OLED TV because the screen pixels reach absolute black. This maximizes the immersiveness of the viewing experience.

Th best TV for a bright room is LED or QLED because these screens have the most bright, robust pixels. It won’t prevent glare altogether but it definitely makes a difference.

Pick the right specs

It’s likely that you’ll end up comparing spec sheets line-by-line. It’s dizzying. After a mere 5-minutes you may ponder the prospects of becoming amish. Here’s a cheat sheet to keep you sane:

  • HDR stands for High Dynamic Range- you definitely want this. It’s the #1 feature to look for beyond 4K.
  • 120 Hz refresh is preferred but not required. Definitely get it if you’re a gamer.
  • HDMI ports are important- get a TV with at least 4.
  • HDMI 2.1 is preferred- if you plan to have your TV for 5 or 10 years, consider it future proofing.
  • Disregard TV audio and buy a soundbar
  • Only buy one of the Best TV Brands- it almost guarantees that you’ll be satisfied
  • Stay away from extended warrantees: they’re usually not worth the money.

Understand what you’re buying

Most people just want a TV with a great picture, without having to work out all these nitty gritty dorky details. If that’s you, you’re in luck- choosing a 4K TV with HDR from any of the top TV brands will do you justice.

If you’re a tech enthusiast (or an aspiring one), you’ll want to understand the differences to support your decision. Read our TV Buying Guide from start to finish and aim for a 4K OLED TV with HDR, HDMI 2.1, and 120Hz refresh rate. To achieve a lower price, go with QLED or LED-LCD and drop support for HDMI 2.1 and 120Hz if need be.