If you want to buy a Big Screen TV but have no clue where to start, you’ve come to the right place. Don’t make the mistake of walking into a retail store with hundreds of TVs lined up side-by-side: this is the absolute WORST way to pick a television.

#1 Tip: Don’t Start at a Retail Store

It seems logical to compare TV quality in person but this method is flawed for several reasons. Most notably, your TV isn’t going to end up in a huge warehouse with bright lights, and it won’t be sitting side-by-side with dozens of other TVs. Not only will this overcomplicate and confuse your purchase decision, but it will also trick you into spending more money- you’ll upsell yourself based on minor differences, inevitably paying more than you should for “upgrades” you won’t even realize exist once the TV is sitting alone in your home or business.

#2 Tip: Don’t use Amazon for guidance

While retail stores facilitate overpaying, shopping online for TVs can have the opposite (yet equally devastating) effect- going too cheap and regretting it. Online shoppers are largely driven by price and reviews, overlooking important features (or lack thereof) because “it seems like a good deal and it has tons of 5 star reviews”. This is how you end up with a crappy TV that’s even worse than the one you’re replacing.

#3 Tip: Choose the right size TV

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