Most Common TV Sizes

The most common big screen TV size is currently 65-inches. In our opinion, nothing less than a 55-inch TV is a “Big Screen” these days.

Due to the rise in 4K technology, bigger screens have become more popular. This is largely because TVs with higher resolution allow you you sit closer to the TV. Now that you can buy a great 4K TV for $300 bucks, more people have access to 4K and it can accommodate even smaller size rooms.

Here is a list of other popular big screen TV sizes measured in inches:

  • 55-inches
  • 58-inches
  • 60-inches
  • 65-inches
  • 75-inches
  • 82-inches
  • 85-inches
  • 86-inches
  • 95-inches
  • 98-inches
  • 100-inches