How High to Mount a Big Screen TV

You’ve finally purchased a Big Screen TV and picked out the best TV Mount. They’re both sitting in your house waiting to be enjoyed but before you can turn it on and watch it you need to mount it! That’s the point at which most people scratch their head and wonder, “How high do I mount the TV on the wall?”

The correct answer is to mount the TV so that the center of the TV is at eye level for the best viewing experience. That means you’ll need to consider two key factors when deciding how high to hang your TV:

  1. The height of your seating (couch, bar, standing)
  2. The size of your TV

We already know the typical seat height of couches (18-inches) and bar stools (29 inches). And the average adult’s eye level will be 24-inches above the seated position. This allows us to easily calculate the best height to mount a TV measuring from the floor to the center of the TV.

The best height to mount a TV on the wall:

To mount your TV at eye level, based on typical furniture sizes for the average adult, use the following distances from the floor to the center of the TV:

  • Couches: 42-inches from the ground to the center of the TV
  • Counter stools: 48-inches from the ground to the center of the TV
  • Bar stools: 53-inches from the ground to the center of the TV
  • Standing: 60-inches from the ground to the center of the TV

Viewing Angle & Ergonomics

Many so called “experts” recommend that you take viewing angle into consideration when deciding how high to mount your TV. The idea is that if your chair is reclined your gaze will be directed upwards thus increasing the height of your seated eye level.

However, research also shows that when at rest your eyes naturally cast their gaze downwards which is why the ergonomic suggestion for computer monitors is to place the top of the screen at eye-level (you look downwards towards the center of the screen).

Both factors should be considered, but not dictate, your TV mount height. For a more cinema-like experience, hang slightly higher. For sports and active TV watching, stick to eye level. When in doubt, follow the guidelines.

Comfort is Not an Exact Science

To mitigate these two variables we recommend sticking to our guidelines, placing the center of your TV at traditional eye level, and making adjustments based on personal preference.

Perhaps you’re particularly tall or short, maybe you tend to watch TV in a recline, or maybe the room will have people both sitting and standing- that’s fine!

Whatever feels most comfortable for you is ultimately what is best. Use tape, pencil marks, props, and the help of your friends to imagine the size and location of the TV on your wall and go with your gut.

How High to Mount TV by TV-Size

The suggested measurements above are from the ground to the center of the TV so they will be accurate regardless of the television size. What if you want to know how high from the ground the BOTTOM of the TV will be?

Although TVs come in a variety of sizes, newer TVs tend to come in standard aspect ratios and with little or no bezel. This allows us to estimate the height of every TV based on TV size. From there, with good old logic, we can deduce the best mounting height by TV size. We’ve rounded up to account for bezel and pretty numbers (quarters of an inch does not matter).

TV Mount Height: Floor to Bottom of TV

This is how far from the ground the bottom of the TV should sit based on your TV Size and furniture.

TV SizeCouch / SofaCounter StoolBar StoolStanding
55 inches29 inches35 inches40 inches47 inches
60 inches27.5 inches33.5 inches38.5 inches45.5 inches
65 inches26 inches32 inches37 inches44 inches
70 inches25 inches31 inches36 inches43 inches
75 inches 24 inches30 inches35 inches42 inches
80 inches22.5 inches28.5 inches33.5 inches40.5 inches
85 inches21.5 inches27.5 inches32.5 inches39.5 inches
90 inches20 inches26 inches31 inches38 inches
95 inches19 inches25 inches30 inches37 inches
100 inches17.5 inches22.5 inches28.5 inches35.5 inches

Before you Mount the TV

Hopefully you’ve got one of the best TV mounts cause it’s time to put it on the wall. Before you get started, remember- measure twice, mount once!

Don’t forget about the soundbar!
If you plan on putting a soundbar below your TV (something we highly recommend), make sure that you’re leaving enough room between the TV and any shelves or furniture or the soundbar may obstruct your view.

Then follow these steps:

  1. Attach the mount to the back of the TV with included screws
  2. Measure from the ground to your selected mounting height (center of TV location) and mark with a pencil
  3. Take the height of your TV, divide by two, and measure and mark the wall above and below the center of your TV from the last step. This will mark the top and bottom of your TV.
  4. Use painter’s tape and a level to outline where your TV will be placed when the mounting is complete. Triple check to make sure it looks good.

We’ve just forced you to prepare your space for the TV and confirmed the placement is perfect- now comes the hard part: mounting it on the wall. If you can’t find or don’t want to pay a professional to do it for, follow the steps in the video below: