Break Your Neck in Perfect Darkness #TVTooHigh

The crime of mounting your TV too high is often committed by fireplace furnishing home owners who can’t resist the temptation, but it’s not the only cause for committing this cardinal sin. In fact, there’s an entire reddit community dedicated to pointing out these humorous and depressing failures of technology.

Sometimes an above the fireplace TV is your only option (and can be done tastefully), but we have to admit it’s not the ideal outcome. Here are some of the most unfortunate “TV Too High” moments we’ve come across throughout our adventures on the internet. For a daily dose of these disasters, join us at … but be sure to guzzle down some tech buff OCD pills if wasted money and terrible taste get under your skin.

Break Ya Neck

Hunter Douglass should sell these Blackout shades with the slogan “Break Your Neck in perfect darkness”, perhaps with a Busta Rhymes tune. The couch isn’t even facing the TV!

Don’t Mind Me

I’ll just be sitting over here on a wall where not a single person has a good viewing angle. At least I’m not above the fireplace? (Redfin)

In Soviet Maryland

The TVs watch you! And the mirrors are drunk on Stoli (Redfin)

Mr. Popular

This TV is so popular that you can’t even see it… because there is a fan in the way! Dad jokes might make you cringe, but not as hard as this TV placement.

Upper Deck

This guy’s TV isn’t even on the same FLOOR as his seats. Perhaps there is some futuristic flying drone recliner out of frame, but more likely they just found the only place on the wall that could fit a TV and said, “IT’S GOING HERE!”

Via Reddit

Helium TV

It looks like this TV was plugged in and floated to the highest point the cord would allow it to stretch. Someone tell this guy you don’t need to use every inch of the cord!

Via Reddit

Aerial View

This TV is so high that the only way to capture it in a photo was to get on its level. And by that we mean the 2nd floor.

Via Reddit

Just get a tablet

Sometimes mounting a TV on your wall just makes the entire room look so stupid and goofy that you should give up on the idea altogether. Stream Netflix on your iPad in bed and call it a day rather than ruin the juju of your entire bedroom.

Via Reddit

Soundbar Too High

If you insist on an above the fireplace TV then having a mount that pulls down is one way to solve the problem. Just don’t sit a soundbar directly on top of it so that you’re playing music for the freakin’ owls in the trees.

Via Reddit

TV Hell Palace

Only in hell would a TV be placed too high, while being too small, with a mirror to show you the look of painful stupidity on your face.

Via Reddit

Touch The Sky

I gotta testify: you’ve come up in the spot with the TV Too High. This one is literally touching the ceiling!

Via Reddit

Perfect View… Ruined

When you have an absolutely amazing view you shouldn’t always feel the need to shove a TV into the room when it doesn’t make sense. You’ll not only ruin the view but you’ll ruin the hope of watching TV with a half good experience when you do something like this.

Via Reddit

TV Model

Just because you look up to something does not make it a role model. Think about this guy before you decide to put a TV above your fireplace.

Evil Twin

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. It’s also very possible to put your TV Too Low as evidenced by this post in TV Too High.

Via Reddit

This guy didn’t know there’s literally a sub-reddit for EVERYTHING (/r/TVTooLow).

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